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LXC/LXD storage: LVM vs ZFS

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If I''m not mistaked,  funtoo hosting is using ZFS.

I use LVM all the time, but it seems that users  of LXC/LXD more favores ZFS.

How stable ZFS in production?

Has anybody, from funtoo community, experienced any problems, or data loss with ZFS?

Does LVM has some  real dowsides comparing to ZFS, in real usage? Has anybody experienced any?

It would be interesting to know what storage driver people choose for their LXC/LXD servers?

Thank you,



p.s. I know there is documentation https://lxd.readthedocs.io/en/latest/storage/

but documentation is one thing, and user's experience another... :)

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ZFS has been stable for us. No data loss or problems. I personally use btrfs with LXD on another servers and I am also happy without anything bad happening. (even use bcache+btrfs).

btrfs or ZFS give the ability to snapshot, clone ... other than that use what you are used to work with. Test on a small server or desktop and if you like what COW-fs have to offer make a switch.


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