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About blender-2.7.9



Hi; since i want to use blender, trying to install it i've errors.

To make possible the right compilation i had to disable opencl "local USE flags".

However, as opencl uses gpu to speed up the calculations, I wondered if there was another way to solve, or be able to rehabilitate opencl and possibly modify other "use flags".
Thanks for the attention :)

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Hmm ... ok ; I've a Nvidia GTX 660 that supports cuda and "OpenCL" (but i know that AMD Radeon are better in OpenCL).

however, even if the "OpenCL" performances are inferior to multithread cpu calculations, the problem still persists in blender, denying the possibility of usqare (and maybe make comparisons) between opencl or cpu with multithreading.
I hope I have correctly described my thought ^^

However Thank You for "Your Words" ^^

Great Jhan :)

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