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[Beginner] Start with the Learn Linux section of the site (such as from live media), or heading straight to Install Funtoo Linux should come first?





First post. Hopefully this is a reasonable question to ask here, as I heard @drobbins is a great educator. So I'm kind of new to Linux, can do some very basic stuff with the command line, can install Ubuntu just as Windows (who can't?), but still hasn't transitioned from Windows yet.


I've found your project and great documentation from Hacker News. Still, your main home page, https://www.funtoo.org/Welcome seemingly gives me two choices to begin with: either to install Funtoo (go on with the installation guide), or head to the Learn Linux section (getting more familiar with the command line, etc. such as from a live system). Considering you are supposed to offer great learning resources here, it's still not clear which of the two ways a beginner should begin with.

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Hmmm...  As Gentoo/Funtoo are non-binary distributions, there's a third option that is worthy:  Install Linux From Scratch before tackling Gentoo/Funtoo.  LFS is primarily an education project and will get you up to speed on building a Linux system from its source code.  Then you're be ready to consider Gentoo/Funtoo and the USE facility for configuring the various options of the component packages.

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