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Why should I use pre-compiled Stage 3?



Hello, dear developers!

I am using Funtoo on laptop. I want to be able to get OS from source codes. But instruction https://www.funtoo.org/Install#Installing_the_Stage_3_tarball offers to use Stage 3


The Stage 3 is a pre-compiled system used as a starting point to install Funtoo Linux.

How to use system packages from sources after installation? How to recompile those packages from Stage 3? How to determine which are they?

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stage3 is a basic Funtoo linux image that is built from sources of software packages list, which is necessary minimal set of software which will allow your to run Funtoo linux on top of linux kernel. This list is carefully crafted and forms  a special set, called @system

to rebuild all of relevant packages from sources on your machine, use

emerge -e @system

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