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API For Government Documents Exchange


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Hello, Linux developers! I want to ask about possibility to create laws Catalogue with list of government departments in specific country.

Is there any API that makes possible to get actual structure of government, list of legislative power organizations (departments) and their documents sources for downloading and parsing? Documents: laws, acts, decrees, orders...


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These are straight out of Google.. could be a good place to start.

Are you interested in the process of moving that data or the storage/usage/display of this data? I've been quite interested in making use of the many APIs out there myself.

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Thank you. free.law delivers PACER docs - court records.

Need to study (f.e. US) the white house executive orders, congress legislative acts and other government departments legislation. I wish to have a database and I want to display entries in different orders:

Also the relations between legislative acts.

Some useful info becomes obvious. It will be possible to determine politicians personal interests, also national politics and may be the history of a country.

The best thing is to compare different countries legislation. I am familiar with anthems comparison and linguistic analysis. Want to deepen experience.

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