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KDE in idle uses ~ 20% of cpu O_O



KDE in idle uses ~ 15/20% of the CPU.
The OpenGL effects are definitely slowed down (because of what I wrote above, I think).
If I open, for example, KODI, even without displaying anything, CPU use increases to 75% and this practically does nothing.
Above all "plasmashell" devours cpu resources.
I tried with xfce4 and cpu is normal .... that is very low use (even if it starts already occupying 750 MB ram out of 16 total).
If I open kodi here again a disproportionate use of cpu (> = 70%) with an 8 thread @ 3.5 GHz.

I can not understand why KDE and Kodi work so badly.

I tried to recompile the system but ... the situation does not change.

By chance, do you think of the new Gentoo trend with the use of profiles with 13, 17 and 17.1?

I would like to have a technical explanation if possible.

Thank you and sorry for the trouble.

Hello to all :)
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Damn .... I'm sorry to have written when the solution was simple .... or a version of the drivers (My videocard is a GTX 660 that has problems with the nouveau and sometimes even with some version of the proprietary drivers).
I had "masked" the most recent versions; but this created problems for me (I could not say technically exactly why)

Then solved with the 390.12.

Sorry for the "false alarm" ^^

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