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Emerge Chromium: RAM requirements



Sorry, I have posted this to the wrong section and I do not seem to be able to move it or delete it.


I have tried to emerge www-client/chromium on Funtoo but apparently one needs 3 GB of RAM in order to accomplish that (64-bit). I only have 2 GB and cannot be upgraded (Atom N455).

Is there any workaround?

Should all open-source  Chrome derivatives, such as Iridium, present the same issue?

Firefox and PaleMoon (the later with an old gcc version) emerge just fine...



PS: The reason for compiling the entire OS on this Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3s was because only this way was I able to multitask. Binary OSs (be them Linux or Windows) made using more than one application at a time quite a pain. The reason for choosing Funtoo over Gentoo was the Atom64 stage3. With a tailored 4.14 Gentoo kernel, every single package compiled from source, LXDE, RAM upgraded to 2B and an SSD, I now can have 2/3 applications (such as LibreOffice Write, PaleMoon and Gimp) running simultaneously and manage to get the work done when on the move.

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unfortunately there is no 32-bit builds of chromium upstream anymore. and 64-bit during compilation exceeds 2GB, so there actually not much of an option for compiling it from sources.

You could try setting  I_KNOW_WHAT_I_AM_DOING="1" emerge chromium with at least 4GB of swap enabled. It could pass. Alternatively, consider using precompiled versions such as google-chrome or firefox-bin.

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Thanks jhan and Oleg. Yes a guy in the Gentoo forums claims that a generous swap file and  

I_KNOW_WHAT_I_AM_DOING="1" emerge chromium

actually do the trick.

I haven't tried yet because I am facing a more urgent issue. I will ask in the Desktop section.

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