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xorg loading intel driver on radeon system



I have several Funtoo systems, and I use one machine as my build machine.  That machine creates binary packages which the other systems are configured to use.  The systems all use different video cards, so in make.conf I have:

VIDEO_CARDS="intel i915 nouveau radeon r600 vesa"

This all worked fine on xorg 1.18.something (I think it was 1.18.4).  But after moving to kits, xorg got downgraded to 1.17.4 and I'm having problems.  Specifically, xdm is crashing on my system with a radeon video card, because it's trying to load the intel driver.  I'm not sure what caused this behavior.  To fix it, hopefully temporarily, I've changed make.conf to read:

VIDEO_CARDS="nouveau radeon r600 vesa"

And then I removed libva-intel-driver and xf86-video-intel.  I'm not sure if removing that first package was necessary.  After I removed the second one, xdm would start up.

How can I fix this?  I'd really like to be able to build my xorg packages with the intel drivers included so that my packages work on all my machines, like they used to.




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