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  1. x48rph

    xorg loading intel driver on radeon system

    If it worked fine on xorg-1.18 , you could try updating xorg-kit to the 1.19-prime branch and see if that help. You update by setting it in /etc/ego.conf and then running ego sync
  2. x48rph

    ERROR: USE flag <flag> does not exist

    A lot of the tools from gentoolkit such as euse are broken with meta-repo due mostly to those tools hard-coding the gentoo repo and not respecting the alias setting. They are slowly being replaced with tools in ego. Please see the ego manpages for the latest tools available.
  3. x48rph

    perl woes

    Hard to say other than that doesn't exist. Can't really test as all systems are on perl-5.24 since the switch to meta-repo. Can I ask why your still on 5.22? Are you still using 'stable' by chance?