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Boot iso image from /etc/boot.conf



Hello everyone

I need to configure grub2 to boot an iso image directly from disk, specifically systemrescuecd, try configuring from /etc/boot.conf, but it does not work, so it works I have to manually edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg and then it works :

Menuentry "SystemRescueCD" {
   Insmod part_gpt
   Insmod lvm
   Insmod ext2
   Set root = 'lvm / vg0-root'
   Set isofile = / systemrescuecd-x86-5.0.2.iso
   Loopback loop $ {isofile}
   Linux (loop) / isolinux / rescue64 setkmap = en docache isoloop = $ {isofile}
   Initrd (loop) /isolinux/initram.igz

Is there any way to configure the above, in /etc/boot.conf, so that when doing boot-update I do not delete the entry of systemrescuecd.?

Thank you. Greetings.

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