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Switching from Grub to Lilo

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I'm looking to install Lilo to by MBR, but I'm not sure how to proceed with telling Lilo which kernel/initrd to use. I'm using the latest debian-sources kernel, so I would expect to write "image=/boot/debian-sources-x86_64-4.7.8" and the initrd bit to lilo.conf for it to boot. However my kernel isn't in /boot, and I'm not sure what to symlink to /boot/bzImage. I'd rather not creating symlinks, if it can be avoided.

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Hey artemeciagreen,


Go to your kernel source directory and run "make && make modules_install install" and you will get the bzImage into /boot as vmlinuz-$VERSION, as well as config-$VERSION and System.map-$VERSION

NB: after the first make add -j and the number of CPU cores +1 found when you issue "nproc", such as "make -j9"


Now edit /etc/boot.conf to make sure you have at least one stanza where it looks for:

kernel vmlinuz[-v]

Here's one of mine:

boot {
        generate grub
        default "Funtoo Linux genkernel"
        timeout 3

"Funtoo Linux" {
        kernel vmlinuz[-v]

"Funtoo Linux genkernel" {
        kernel kernel[-v]
        initrd initramfs[-v]
        params += real_root=auto rootfstype=auto
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