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  1. Well, I think this will resolve the problem: image=/patch/to/your/kernel label=funtoo read-only root=/patch/to/your/root # example: /dev/sda3 initrd=/patch/to/your/initrd I never try it with kernel out /boot, but should work.
  2. Is 64 bits better than 32 bits for a simple desktop user? Have someone a 64bit processor but still in a 32bit system? An user that use internet, skype and steam... Some interesting text: - http://archive09.linux.com/articles/114024?tid=121(is a bit old - 2005) - http://archive09.linux.com/feature/43873(is a bit old - 2005) - https://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-349691.html
  3. Hi everybody. I was installing Funtoo in my notebook and when I try "emerge -a networkmanager" I received a message about circular dependency between cmake and another package. So I try some commands like "emerge -1 --nodeps cmake" or "emerge --nodeps networkmanager" but I don't have good luck. After that I downloaded a new stage but I find the same problem.
  4. tolvo

    Multilib Issue

    Yeah, I know that a "obvious" question, but I think this "so easy" and I have little problems with found some information about multilib in gentoo/funtoo so I ask to kill my doubt. Thanks.
  5. tolvo

    Multilib Issue

    Hello, my doubt is for enable a multilib system (able to run wine, skype, ...) I just have install "emul-linux" packages?
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