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Ideas to Stop Suspend/Hibernate on Lid Close?



I am hoping someone can give me an idea on what I can change or investigate to solve a new behavior problem with my laptop.
I have a Sony Vaio laptop that boots from Grub Legacy to Funtoo (usually) or to Windows 7 (rarely). I have this new behavior of suspension or hibernation when I close my laptop lid. The solid green lighting associated with the power button becomes flashing orange. I have to create a device input signal (I typically press a modifier key of the keyboard) to get it to wake up, then in a few seconds the screen goes black, the suspension is on again, and soon the flashing orange will resume. I provide user input a second time and then I have control over my laptop again, until I close the lid with the thing on. The suspend or hibernation (not sure which, never did work right on purpose) stops portage from updating my @world, etc. Annoying. I have the laptop plugged in to good AC power.
This new behavior started after I used Windows 7 about 5 days ago and let some updates run for a day until I shut it off, cleanly I think, with a normal shutdown from the start button menu, but not only after that. More lately I've made changes/updates with portage to my Funtoo. I checked the BIOS settings on boot up and see nothing that could account for new behavior or control it. It should be the case, I think, that the new behavior in Funtoo with lid closing has nothing to do with Windows updates on other partitions of the same internal laptop HD.
(1) I tried downgrading and I tried removing app-laptop/laptop-mode-tools. I rebooted to be sure. No change.
(2) There is nothing in the H20 BIOS to set differently.
(3) I tried booting with my older vanilla-sources kernels. No change.
(4) Using xfce4. Nothing to set with the setting manager that will fix this, as far as I know. Under Power Manager I switched from 'Lock screen' on close to simply 'Switch off display' on close. No change in problem.
I can't think of anything else to try except letting Sony Vaio software continue updating my computer with Windows 7. No telling how long that would take after all these years. I have no idea what in Funtoo I can downgrade that might resolve this issue.

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The problem was package sys-power/acpid-2.0.28. I rolled back from that to sys-power/acpid-2.0.23 based on reading Oleg Vinichenko's help on the issue "GNOME: no power manager utility or lid close trigger" for speedytux. Maybe this link will work still: http://forums.funtoo.org/topic/1036-gnome-no-power-manager-utility-or-lid-close-trigger/ . At least know for the first time that my suspend function works. The hibernate function just turns off my laptop faster than normal. I guess that's how it didn't work right when I first installed funtoo. Cheers.

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I put this out into the ether. I tried the latest acpid today, which is acpid-2.0.28-r1, on 10 January 2017. Just like plain acpid-2.0.28, its revision one triggers a Funtoo Gnu/Linux suspension on my Sony VAIO laptop on lid close. I never had the suspend actually work before, so there's the silver lining. Still, I only get correct behavior with acpid-2.0.23. Is there a better choice than acpid?

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