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Question about GCC 5.4


Hi folks, I wonder if may I use the Gentoo ebuild to install the GCC 5.4, I looked and the funtoo gcc 5.3-r1 ebuild is different of gentoo 5.3 or 5.4 ebuild 



is safe use the gentoo ebuild to do that ? 

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The gcc ebuild has been modified to comply more with upstream versions (not Gentoo).

Basically the Gentoo toolchain is in a bad shape, and Daniel Robbins has modified the gcc

ebuild to fix some of the issues, and glibc is probably going to be next. You can compare the differences between the gcc ebuilds of Funtoo and Gentoo, you'll see the difference. Most of the complexity is hidden away in the Gentoo ebuild, however, that doesn't mean it isn't shabby underneath.


You can try using them, if you're willing to experiment, this is Funtoo after all :)

Just don't do it on a system you really care about!

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