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crazy garbage dreamed up while grilling at 5:30 am

Posted by 666threesixes666 , 02 June 2015 · 1081 views

id like a torrenty style cryptographically secure protocol that supports revision control, that users could host locally cached content they've viewed from recent websites botnet style with throttle control that is geo & route metric aware to make the internet much more efficient. users could provide disk quotas and quotas per site and the crypto part would be used to distribute database contents. wiki style permissions for admins to work on the site, then propagate back to the main server like a convergence broadcast? several browsers support 1/4th of this paradigm already in holding stuff in the browsers cache.

ex: go to coffee shop, load google, revision control pings for hash, no change sites the same > serve, everyone on the router hits my cached google and get their own cached google if they have that turned on, detect lan saturation of local google, transparently start phasing that data out of the cache if the upstream nodes share throttle is set higher. it'll still be fast because you're nabbing it over lan.

im totally a dreamer

sounds like a nice dream. i see an ecological advantage of making the internet much more eficient by avoiding unnecessary data transfers.

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