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Guayadeque music player tips



I recently installed Guayadeque, and wanted to document some of the steps required to actually get sound to come out of the speakers...  This info is not complete enough to post it to the wiki, so I'm posting it here in hopes it might help somebody.


Install the music player:

emerge guayadeque

Guayadeque relies on Gstreamer plugins, but not the most current ones.  So you must not only install the plugins you will need, but specify the correct slot.


To get any sound at all to work on my system which uses alsa:

emerge gst-plugins-alsa:0.10

For other sound systems, you may need to install one of these (which I have not tested):






To play flac files:

emerge gst-plugins-flac:0.10

To play ogg vorbis:

emerge gst-plugins-ogg:0.10 gst-plugins-vorbis:0.10

To play mp3:

emerge gst-plugins-mad:0.10

To enable transcoding files to removable media:

emerge gst-plugins-gio:0.10
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