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How to handle neovim plugins?

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NeoVim [1] aims to be a "Drop-in replacement for Vim".  According to their site, "Neovim is an extension of Vim: feature-parity and backwards compatibility are high priorities." 


Now, most app-vim/* packages in funtoo/gentoo are installed to  /usr/share/vim/vimfiles/plugin if I got things right. In order for neovim to make use of them, they should be installed to /usr/share/nvim/plugin as well.


I'd go ahead and add a neovim useflag to the app-vim/* packages known to work in neovim, that - if set - installs the file to the neovim plugin directory. And since there might be some folks who soley rely on neovim, without vim installed, also a vim useflag. And for plugins, that soley work with neovim (i.e [2]), I'd introduce a new category app-neovim/*


But since I am not involved into the developpment process, I am reluctant to just go ahead and introduce three new things just to make an editor work. Is there a canonical way to handle this kind of issues? Does someone has a more elegant way to solve this? Should ebuilds just check, if neovim is installed and then just install the file to the appropriate place, without user control? Or should there be something like the python_targets?





[1] https://neovim.io

[2] https://github.com/Floobits/floobits-neovim

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