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Can't boot on my Funtoo



Yesterday night I performed a global upgrade of all my packages, noticed that it had genkernel updates included. The system upgraded nice and clean. I was doing my work while it worked. Turned off my PC after a depclean. But it seems that I had to eselect and boot-update the new kernel before doing that for now I can't boot to my OS anymore. Ok...

Burned a System rescuecd 4.7.1 (the most recent on the install page). To try mounting my Funtoo installation directories and doing what I forgot last night.


My problem is, everytime I boot this System rescuecd from my pen or any of the latest versions of it. I get at certain boot part of this cd what follows:

'Error: Cannot mount sysrcd.dat (none ....kernel details....)'

and it gives me the basic terminal.


(By the way, I'm currently having to use my Windows instalation, that's the only one that still works and burning the systemrescuecd with lili, (this kind of thing) is one of those situations that never gave any problem such as I reported...


I'm stuck, for it never happened to me before. My computer hardware is very recent too. Can any of you guys possibly have an idea for me?

Thanks in advance.

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I noticed the that burned OS in my pen was odd. Took a friend's pen and tried again burning the same rescuecd and it worked out. Discovered too, that there are some .iso images that doesn't contain a valid MBR inside of it. To activate a correction to this a user can look for the isohybrid tool, then burn the .iso with dd in the pen.


steps to sucessfully create a .iso with a valid MBR section "bootable pendrive" (it worked in all distros, even FreeBSD)  that I've tried so far :) )

BTW: it you get interested in burning an OpenBSD OS I suggest you use image_name.fs (don't try to install it in a HP machine, its BIOS sucks :P )


with a pen in your notebook/PC...


sudo emerge -av syslinux dosfstools

isohybrid ~/path_to_your_iso

lsblk (to identify which device is your pen)


if you need to format your pen, rather use fat32:

sudo mkfs.vfat -I path_to_your_pen




sudo dd if=~/path_to_your_iso of=path_to_your_pen ("/dev/sdb" in my OS for e.g.)


wait a few minutes to let it write to your pendrive, by the end of the process it shall report you its activities.



isohybrid is available under the syslinux package

mkfs.vfat is available under the dosfstools package 

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