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failed ssh logins from unknown IP addresses?

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I recently set up a spare computer at my home to be a media server and so I can log in remotely via ssh. I have a dynamic DNS account set up so I don't have to know my IP address. Anyway, I turned on the monitor attached to it and saw that there had been a few apparently failed login attempts via ssh from a few IP addresses. I looked them up via Google, and they were from Canada, Vietnam, and China. It made me wonder if I ought to take some extra security measures since I have port 22, 80, 443, and 25565 currently exposed to the internet.


Does anyone have any suggestions for measures I ought to take?

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2 factor authentication with passoword + public keys, also the google authenticator is anther nice options for 2 factor, there's tutorials out there on how to do this.

But basically is about to set the AthenticationMethods variable in sshd_confing in the order in wich you require them, you can also use 2 public keys.


Also reevaluate if you really need 80, and maybe setup some authentication at the http server level so It's more private.

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