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Latest update blows up my system

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Started when I tried to install Libreoffice.

During install emerge is running but I can't launch anything.


Rebooted and just get a blinking cursor.

Switched to tty2 and launched XFCE and when it starts the panel blinks for about .25 seconds, vanishes for 4, rinse repeat.


Restored drive.

Tried to update system.

Exactly the same things all over again.


A bit annoyed at the fact that installing an app can zonk the system...an office app of all things.


So...WTF to do when funtoo greets you with the blinking cursor?


I also couldn't install GIMP. Some error message. Have no clue how to handle this shat since I recently arrived from Arch and don't know jack about Portage.


Most of the info I find in searches is discombobulated and/or outdated.


Any help would be appreciated.

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