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Funtoo Reinstall - Some hints?

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I'm planning to reinstall Funtoo in order to move to pure64 (as I'm not using any 32bit).


Upstream of said reinstall, I think about repartitioning my disks.


I would like to leave some space free in order to be able to install LFS aside.


I do have one 56GB SSD (sda), one 233GB HDD (sdb) and 1?4GB RAM.


My disks are currently partitioned as the following :


  • / -> /dev/sda3 53.5GB
  • /boot -> /dev/sda1 0.5GB
  • swap -> /dev/sda2 2GB
  • /home -> /dev/sdb1 233GB

I think about keeping /boot and swap as-is, and split rootfs in 30GB for Funtoo and 23.5GB for LFS


However according  to df, rootfs already takes 30GB. So I scanned my disk to identify huge folders :


  • /usr (19G)
    • /usr/portage (11G)
      • /usr/portage/distfiles (9.8G)
    • /usr/src (2.8G)
    • /usr/share (2.1G)
    • /usr/lib64 (1.8G)
  • /var (11G)
    • /var/lib (9.7G)
      • /var/lib/mysql (9.5G)


Don't you think it would be appropriate to leave /var/lib on its own partition (uppon /dev/sda) ? Or maybe the whole /var directory should be on the HDD rather than on the SSD ?


Maybe /usr/portage would also be welcome on its own partition ?


If I do this, I guess I will have to setup an initramfs (which I don't have yet). I see it as an opportunity to learn what it is, how it works and why it is needed.


If I setup an initramfs, I will take the opportunity to go back to LVM as well (I left LVM in order to get rid of the initramfs when I wanted to focus on the kernel).


Finally, I also think about learning  more about filesystems and try "unusual" ones. Until now, I've only been using ext[2-4] and XFS. I've heard a lot about ZFS and BtrFS. Unfortunately I don't know much about filesystems (only got a very basic course about FAT, inode-based FS and the differences) and I don't know what changes I will be able to notice and what things I will be able to do with another filesystem. Do you think it is advisable to, let's say, use ZFS for the rootfs and learn more about filesystems a few months later ?


Thank you all.

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Moving /usr/portage/distfiles and /var/lib/mysql from your SSD (/dev/sda3) to your HDD (/dev/sdb) would give you that needed space for LFS. Both can be mounted via /etc/fstab instead of an initramfs. Moving /var to a separate partition would most certainly require an initramfs.


With /var/lib/mysql on its own partition you could then employ filesystem options that are tuned for optimal mysql performance. :)


/ (root) on /dev/sda with ext4 allows you the option of TRIM.


LVM, ZFS and Btrfs allow snapshots/rollbacks.

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  • Funtoo Linux Developer

Thanks Tassie_Tux, I think I'm gonna do a separate `/var` and  `/usr/portage/distfiles`. I don't especially need options tuned for mysql performance. This is a database I only use occasionally when I am teleworking.


I am currently reading about ZFS. If I understand correctly, I can use ZFS instead of LVM as it ships with its own logical volume manager. However I guess I still need LVM if I want to have distinct filesystems on each volume.

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When I first started with Funtoo I had attempted to install with a separate /var but was unable to get it to work smoothly. It is a configuration that most likely requires initramfs to mount pre-sysvinit/OpenRC.


Well guess what? I am currently reading about LVM2!  :D


As for ZFS (which I run for non-root storage) I am not aware of a way to use ZFS zpools (i.e. logical volumes) with non-ZFS file systems. Keep reading.  ;)

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