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ok im going to start a wiki work thread for drobbins to communicate with me on because he's busy, im busy, chat works great but these are going to be long term things that need worked out.  mainly dealing with the upcoming skin.


what do you think about www.funtoo.org/ <--- ie removing Welcome / Main_Page?


what do you think about the skin being even more like a web page, with login, edit, etc at the bottom?  (id probably stick search at the top of the page still)


back story to above line, the skin's order in vectors h1 heading, body, then the rest of the tools to make content at the top of the html,  rest of tools to make sidebar etc... instead of beating up the css extensively to make the site have all the tools at the top just make a pretty footer, and migrate most of the menus to the actual welcome page like is done with Main_Page....


i posted commits upstream to https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:$wgActionPaths can we get that going so its www.funtoo.org/Main_Page/edit or www.funtoo.org/Main_Page/delete to make the site even more usable?  www.funtoo.org/Main_Page + /logout && return =D


what about TOC, the new skin supports scrollspy...  if i fix this will you turn on the tocs?


Package: name space's contents out of order for mobile, it shows the use flags first instead of inserting them where they would be relevant, they're not minimized for mobile / optional to see since you only really need to see them once at install, and they're consuming tons of space.  cat/pkg summary news needs to go to the bottom of the page, mobile users are looking at the news every package page.


backend stuff.....

varnish is good, but it doesnt support unix sockets, so its becoming a liability, i posted updates to the tengine / nginx pages so nginx could take over varnish's duties of acceleration.  it supports sockets out of the box, ssl, and multiple backend servers.


possibly more to come on this post in a second if no immediate reply

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