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How to find which repository a package comes from / show information in git log?

Eduard Nicodei




I'm curious to find the repository where dev-python/cryptography-0.9-r1000 is pulled from.

I checked the log but unfortunately there are only references to the staging repo (which apparently is not public)

# git log cryptography-0.9-r1000.ebuild

commit 8f623b52b94bb842ae439f4c368f0080c75fe6d7
Author: Daniel Robbins <drobbins@funtoo.org>
Date:   Wed May 27 16:24:45 2015 +0000

    merged from funtoo-staging
      funtoo-staging: 08c2e2031707b845142d932cdcc5d3def1633e76

On this note, would be possible revert to the old-style of commits where individual SHAs were shown for each repository?


So far, dev-python/cryptography-0.9-r1000 it doesn't seem to be in "funtoo-overlay" or vanilla Gentoo-port tree . I've also checked the Repositories but it's not there either.


Searching on Google, I could only find references to "zugaina", but I believe we don't have that overlay in Funtoo right?


EDIT: actually I've found it by manually going through each of the repositories, apparently it's from gentoo-progress. Still, is there anyway to find this without going through all the repositories in a browser?




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