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  1. Hello, I'm curious to find the repository where dev-python/cryptography-0.9-r1000 is pulled from. I checked the log but unfortunately there are only references to the staging repo (which apparently is not public) # git log cryptography-0.9-r1000.ebuild commit 8f623b52b94bb842ae439f4c368f0080c75fe6d7 Author: Daniel Robbins <drobbins@funtoo.org> Date: Wed May 27 16:24:45 2015 +0000 merged from funtoo-staging merged: funtoo-staging: 08c2e2031707b845142d932cdcc5d3def1633e76 On this note, would be possible revert to the old-style of commits where individua
  2. I'm going out of a limb here, but reading through the wiki: Could somebody maybe provide a bit more motivation for having such a goal? On first glance it seems like the request for a lot of duplicated effort. The Gentoo wiki has a lot of documentation and the Arch Linux Wiki is probably one of the best resources for packages of all kind, not to mention the man page (although it is true that some man pages completely lack any depth). Why am I asking this? Let's take an recent page that was added to the wiki: http://www.funtoo.org/Package:Tmux Although max kudos to the person
  3. You can keep using gentoo-sources if you like. AFAIK the difference in kernel source packages is simply the patches applied to them (somewhat distribution specifc fixes) In any case, you can definitely boot into either a Funtoo CD or any live CD and copy its configuration to your own /usr/src/linux directory. Personally, I've based my kernel on a Ubuntu 12.04 config. It provided everything and more. I then started removing stuff that I didn't want. I also configured some drivers such as SATA ones to be built into the kernel instead of as a module. This way I don't have to use initramfs.
  4. tl;dr: want my voice heard through more surveys. Hi all, I was reading about the new Kickstarter campain of Operating System U. Its basic premise is that it should provide a familiar and well known interface to users. Indeed, people don't like it when things change. Leaving that aside, it got me thinking: "why do these changes, that make the people unhappy, happen in the first place"? I think there could be a few examples of "new technologies that people don't like", think for example systemd, Gnome3, Windows 8, each time Youtube's interface gets upgraded or one's favourite API
  5. Hi Don James, I had the same problem a while back. I remember doing a Google search which probably led me to http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-p-7465170.html My solution was to re-emerge python: emerge python:2.7 python Before doing that please note the output of eselect python list It might be that your default python interpreter is 3.* in which case it might be also worth trying to switch to python-2.7 (using eselect python set NUM) and then trying to reemerge chromium again. (Also, as salazaraj2 pointed out, make sure you actually have the option enabled in the kernel) Hope
  6. I had the same problem (last sync was Jul 26). Out of curiosity, does anybody know why this happens? It seems odd that a git repository gets corrupted out of the blue. One of the design principles behind git is that it ensured data consistency. Is this therefore caused by improper handling of the repo by github? Or is it caused by something like a complex history rewrite (git push --force)? I'm asking because the comments on the bugtracker don't say anything about the underlying cause of this bug. Thanks in advance! edit: to fix, I first did a git status on /usr/portage, then
  7. Thanks. Now tracking on http://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-1278
  8. Hello all, I noticed we have a separate ebuild for xchat in our overlay. The cause seems to be FL-295 (funtoo-overlay: git log -v net-irc/xchat/), which is related to Gentoo bug 420291 However, Gentoo bug resolution is "Won't fix". This seems to be because Gentoo removed xchat from their tree in favour of hexchat: bug 460038. Should we reflect their changes in our tree as well? I'm new to Funtoo development and would like to get involved. I would be happy to create a JIRA entry and resolve the issue myself. I am asking here first because I want to double check this is the corr
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