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Strange problem with hardened-sources-4.0.2-r1 and genkernel generated initramfs


I have a system with root on an Luks/LVM partition. I therefore need an initramfs that I generate via genkernel ("genkernel --lvm --luks --install initramfs"). Everything worked fine with kernels up to hardened-sources-4.0.1. But with hardenend-sources-4.0.2-r1, when booting the machine, the machine hangs just before I am asked for the pass-phrase for my encrypted partition.


I have rebuild all packages on my system, rebuild both the 4.0.1 and the 4.0.2-r1 kernel with exactly the same .config file, regenerated for both the initramfs. Machine comes up without problems with 4.0.1, hangs with 4.0.2-r1.


All suggestions are welcome.


Regards, Karel

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