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yay ive finally found an rss app that is suitable to my needs....  ill start documenting it so EVERYONE can watch our rss feeds =D


its fairly light weight and has a few gnome deps...  ill test it on the xfce4 only laptop to see if its absurd for twm/fluxbox/openbox/lxde/lxqt users


wait a second, it doesnt say which feed has updates....  it also has trouble fetching news, forums wiki and bugs are also sporadic, maybe if i change them from atom to rss....


this is good enough for now so long as it doesn't present more problems, it seems a bit dated.....


rss guards looking really slick....  rssguards seriously out of date, id like to rewrite it's ebuild to give the option to leave out the terrible webkit.





quiterss is garbage, rawdog is shipping broken configs or something it wont start...  amphetadesk is an init.d daemon of some sort

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