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Alibaba XuanTie-C906 RiscV-64

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I see that on Funtoo site only SiFive is listed. Can this be used with the Alibaba Processor used on the new BeagleV-ahead board?

Beagleboard abandonned the design with the sifive, too many issues with the devices so they never went in full production with it.

The instruction set is RV64GC (RV64OAFDC)

I had created a funtoo for that one. I gave away the board and just bought the new board, it only cost $150 plus $15 duty and Fedex shipping, UPS shipping not a good idea because of strike on Aug 1st.

It uses kernel 5.10

I am creating a yocto built for it and would like to create a Funtoo image eventually




Michel Catudal

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