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Question on CIFS/Samba



I have a network share that is in fact a usb drive connected to my router. I mount it using this line in my fstab


// /mnt/nlw cifs defaults,uid=1000,gid=1000,credentials=/root/.credentials.dat,vers=1.0,auto 0 0

So I can access it in a file manager like Dolphin or PCManFM. However, when I try to open an image file, like a jpg or PNG or TIF picture, it fails. Some applications say the file is broken, others say there is a I/O error. Other files like PDF or office documents are not affected.  When I open a HTML file, it is being loaded by Firefox, but without the pictures.

When I acces the drive e.g. with Dolphin via FTP or directly via SMB, everything is fine. Image files can be opened as expected.

Who can point me to the right direction? Is it something I have missed in the smb.conf? Something I have to do to re-configure CIFS? I would appreciate any help.


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