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Is it possible to install Rosegarden ubder Funtoo?



I have been using Funtoo on a trial basis for several weeks  and I feel great about it. I am a frequent user of Rosegarden and  must have it on a distro If am to establish  it as my daily-use distro. I tried to emerge it but  <emerge --search> did not find it. Is it possible to install it somehow ? Perhaps compiling from sources ????

I have very little experience of /building/compiling but I have had success most of the few times I tried, and recently I compiled Rosegarden under Slackware Live. In some of my distros which don´t offer MuseScore I have been able to download  its app version and run it with success, but I don't think Rosegarden is offered in app format. Although  I am not familiar with Flatpak and Snap I  have been able to get some program  (forgot which one) from one of them but I am under the impression that Funtoo does not use them (???).

Thanks for a nice distro !

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Rosegarden is included in Funtoo's repositary.

emerge --search rosegarden
[ Results for search key : rosegarden ]

*  media-sound/rosegarden
      Latest version available: 17.12.1
      Latest version installed: [ Not Installed ]
      Size of files: 6,536 KiB
      Homepage:      https://www.rosegardenmusic.com/
      Description:   MIDI and audio sequencer and notation editor
      License:       GPL-2

[ Applications found : 1 ]

If  you are looking for this package just run

emerge rosegarden -vp


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