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firewalld nightmares

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firewalld is closely tied to network manager.  i started a bug but the ebuild is buggy enough to warrant moving the discussion to here.



these are the first steps to getting the package running.  firewalld doesn't require dropping connections and entirely resetting the firewall to update rules, its default in fedora & centos.  i think it's going to require some de-systemding.  i haven't worked on it further yet...  last night i spent about 2 hours on this issue.  tonight ill probably spend another 2 tracking down its shortcomings.  i dont need replies i just need to track what updates im making to have it become funtoo friendly.





0.2.12 doesn't like me...  lets try 0.3.13, time to dig into ebuilding docs  0.3.13 works with ./configure && make && sudo make install! =D


so i found a firewalld ebuild for 0.3.10, how do i setup local overlays so i can tweak this to latest?


==== new day ====

system-config-firewall is a dependency of firewalld...  1 this program doesn't like python 3 at all...  2 under python 2.7 it wants to write its iptables configurations @ /etc/sysconfig/iptables & /etc/sysconfig/ip6tables....


whoa system-config-firewall is a gui app it does a good job setting things for iptables (in the wrong directory =)








root@spaceball-1 /home/mkultra/overlays/testing/system-config-firewall-1.2.29 # iptables -L -n
Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
target     prot opt source               destination        
ACCEPT     all  --              ctstate RELATED,ESTABLISHED
ACCEPT     all  --  


unfortunately ufw is 1000x as effective as this.  it's seriously letting everything through, not stopping much.

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