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Funtoo KDE strategy?

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Hi fellows,

Some time ago I was forced to abandon Funtoo to Gentoo as the KDE tree fell hopelessly behind. I did not have the time nor the funto-mirroring-know-how to get involved in the matter. I did try to use the ebuilds from Gentoo by that became a dependency nightmare. Quite a lot have changed in Funtoo since then.  Recently there has been a general upgrade of the kde-plasma/plasma-meta and KDE was up to date for a while, but are no longer. 

Question is, will the status of KDE depend on once in a while heroic efforts or are Funtoo aiming to mirror either Gentoo or KDE trees so that one can depend on the kde-plasma/plasma-meta being reasonable up to date? And if not, are there a strategy or and work going on to get there? Are there any ambitions?

I am not asking for KDE stage 4, but I depend on KDE for my every day work over time.





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