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riscv64 stages for the BeagleV board



I would like to create a boot disk for the BeagleV. Where is the documentation for creating the misc funtoo stages?

I haven't seen any funtoo stages for riscv64 , perhaps I didn't look at the right places.

I found a stage3 for gentoo, are there any instruction on what needs to be changed to make it a stage 3 funtoo?



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I see that crossdev is no longer supported. I did try different ideas shown on misc funtoo sites but nothing works.

There is no apparent problem for RPI.

I was able to create a stage4 from scratch on gentoo and got it booting and working nicely on the Beagle V Beta.


I can understand that fchroot is the best approach to compile packages for a slow target but it is completely useless if you do not have anything to chroot on.

What is the alternative for the creation of a stage3 and 4 when there is nothing available for a particular processor?

Is it possible to create one using a gentoo boot. If so which packages do I need to compile?



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