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Wireguard interface in containers


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Just wanted to start a conversation about  the possibility of having individual wireguard interfaces in the containers. Obviously we're all sharing the same couple of running kernels, but a cursory search would seem to suggest it's possible. I think there would have to be some permissions/scoping kind of setup, but I'm not seeing why it would be too difficult beyond that. Also from an admittedly limited understanding of the internals I can't see why it would add significant load to the system either, but I'm open to correction haha



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Ok so did a bit of testing on a local funtoo container and it seems to just work if the module has been loaded in the bare metal OS.

emerge wireguard-tools

nano  /etc/wireguard/wg0.conf

wg-quick up wg0

Works perfectly and didn't seem to mess with the parent OS who has an interface with the same name.

So do you think we could have this added to the kernels? It's as simple as: emerge wireguard; modprobe wireguard and I suppose add to /etc/conf.d/modules for reboots.

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