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  1. Ok so did a bit of testing on a local funtoo container and it seems to just work if the module has been loaded in the bare metal OS. emerge wireguard-tools nano /etc/wireguard/wg0.conf wg-quick up wg0 Works perfectly and didn't seem to mess with the parent OS who has an interface with the same name. So do you think we could have this added to the kernels? It's as simple as: emerge wireguard; modprobe wireguard and I suppose add to /etc/conf.d/modules for reboots.
  2. Just wanted to start a conversation about the possibility of having individual wireguard interfaces in the containers. Obviously we're all sharing the same couple of running kernels, but a cursory search would seem to suggest it's possible. I think there would have to be some permissions/scoping kind of setup, but I'm not seeing why it would be too difficult beyond that. Also from an admittedly limited understanding of the internals I can't see why it would add significant load to the system either, but I'm open to correction haha Thoughts?
  3. That's the way I was thinking too. Something similar to the old news bulletins. Also a great idea about making them publicly available. Would have the added benefit of letting aspiring contributors see where they might be useful by seeing what the less maintained and less used packages are.
  4. I'm not against the idea at all, but these things always start out meaning well using nice terms like metrics and having extremely valuable uses; like delivering an all round better experience, or freeing up devs for better features and so on. However, with the current feeling in the world today this is going to be a much bigger deal than you might originally think, especially considering the type of individual who ends up using a distro such as this—meaning smart not shady. To my mind it absolutely has to be opt-in, and extremely well advertised to the users. That way you send a very clear me
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