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This is amazing! Thanks Devs!


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Amazing really amazing experience!


I've tried funtoo 2-3 times before, just to follow D. Robbins, but I failed.

This time this is the perfect, I've ever dreamed of, kind experience.


Honestly, there's something left to test more but those things are

caused by my special situation(such as CJK IME because I'm Korean, etc).


There was some hiccups, also, but that's nothing compared to other

so-called out-of-box distros' hiccups. They claim to be out-of-the-box, but

when I open the box, there are cracks.(hiccups were nvidia related issue, and

documentation experience.)


I'll also contribute to this beautiful distro with translation, and ebuilds.


Thanks again, and I really appreciate the Dev team!

(BTW, other than discord, Funtoo doesn't have any mailing-list?)

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