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[SOLVED] unable to boot USB, but can boot same image installed to disk


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I have been using bootable USB thumbdrives for sometime and had recently attempted to boot to it to find that I cannot.  I get a kernel panic:

trap invalid opcode ip: ... error:0 in ld-2.29.so


When I boot the same thing but from my local disk, I can boot ok.


The USB thumbdrive contains a nearly identical boot:

same kernel

same init

different grub.cfg (different UUID for device)


Root is on a LUKS partition with LVM for both USB and local disk.  Root is a squashfs image.  I am using overlayfs to make root writable.


The system I was booting on was different from my build system and I recently changed the sub-architecture I'm using.  I have another configuration which specifically targets that architecture, so I need to use that instead.




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