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Need Guidance on an AMD Geode LX800 System


Greetings to All,


I did try to search the forum but I believe I'm the first one to have this here (maybe). Anyways, I have a Geode LX800 based sbc/computer of which I would like to try gentoo/funtoo as well [i have also posted this on Gentoo forums also f.y.i]


My main objective is to have a gentoo/funtoo based system.

The system will be:

  • a lean/optimized linux system for an AMD Geode LX800
  • almost headless but may contain X
  • a server or minimal profile (hardened)

The only concern that I have is that doing the actual compilation itself to the Geode will take ages  :(


Here are my questions:

  • I believe that using Metro will solve my partial compile time issues. So, I need to install Funtoo first on a capable system, install Metro then build the intended stage3 tarball for the AMD Geode.
  • what is the appropriate stage3 tarball to choose for my Geode? is it the "generic_32" (but I want a current/hardened one also), or lets say that I have a core i3 system,, can I use a core i3 tarball to stage for the soon to be Geode Tarball?
  • I'm still trying to understand Metro, hopefully I'll be able to create a Geode Stage3 for this one

And lastly, if I am reading this correctly, this stage3 tarball can be used for a Gentoo installation also right?

edit: bummer :( just found this: https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-901



please enlighten me.

thanks and best regards,


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