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new to Funtoo, prob. installing initial kernel



Hi there.

I'm new to Funtoo though I've been using Linux for many years (Slackware and Xubuntu). I'm evaluating Funtoo with the purpose of switching all my desktop systems to it.

I'm following the guide at http://www.funtoo.org/Funtoo_Linux_Installation for my first install - quite ad literam since I'm not familiar yet with the Portage system.

All went well until the kernel install. I did set the USE variable for the kernel with the binary flag. However the result of 'emerge -1 @kernel' is that the kernel source and patches are downloaded, sources unpacked and patches applied - and nothing else. The kernel and initrd don't get built and installed in /boot.

Either I'm missing something or the document I'm following is incomplete. Of course I could compile the binaries manually and copy them to the intended locations but I have a feeling that I shouldn't as it wouldn't be the "Gentoo/Funtoo way" :)


I'm attaching below the stdout from the emerge attempt. Nothing goes to stderr.

So please direct me to the right way to do it.

(in case it matters I should add that I blacklisted Nouveau prior to the kernel emerge attempts)


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Yes, long time Slackware user and subscriber... Since 3.5 :) But so far never tried Gentoo/Funtoo.


Currently attempting the genkernel method http://www.funtoo.org/Funtoo_Linux_Kernels#Using_Debian-Sources_with_Genkernel


If I have issues with that I may jump on irc


However the instructions on the generic first install page appear to be incorrect and fail.


(edit) the genkernel method worked, now onto installing everything else. Suggestion: in the install page the current procedure should probably replaced with the genkernel one, because the latter works wheteas the former doesn't complete succesfully.

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Glad you got genkernel to work.


As a note, I've just done a series of Funtoo installs since December on various hardware (mostly Dell boxes from the past few years) and have found the 'debian-sources' method described in the (main) Install documentation to work very reliably in all those cases (~10 installs since late December). Once booted, and only if really necessary, I then use the debian-sources kernel as the platform to go back and build a lean 'vanilla-' or 'ck-' sources kernel. But 95% of the time, the debian-sources is a good choice for a decent, desktop kernel, imho.

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