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im looking into feed readers...  so translators can start tracking the install documentation and know its been updated or watch site changes as they occur such as this very forum post i will be informed about on my browsers reader, but id like a stand alone....  with out ads


i found 3 readers in portage and 1 outside of it



rssowl http://www.rssowl.org/download garbage, freaks out about browsers and trys to integrate browsers.  again garbage



quiterss (hates my xfce4 dark theme cant see ANYTHING)

rssguard (good)

yarssr (good but doesnt support atom and looks super old)

liferea (so far so good)




right now im using the chrome addon "rss feed reader" that wants me to become a pro (though it freaks out on some of the jira feeds i sent it)


im not looking for answers or anything im just scratch padding this for further smoothing over in the future.  i intend on posting a wiki page with some interesting feeds to watch on it eventually.  this has been on my mind for at least a month, i hope posting it can let my ocd mind drop it already...


these are the feeds i watch, in order wiki, forums, bugs:





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