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ANSWERED updating from generic-x86_64 to amd64

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Yesterday on IRC it was mentioned that there were new details and stage3 binarys for amd64 bulldozer (reference: amd64 bulldozer wiki page).


I grabbed the stage 3 for both variants and did a diff. The only appreciable difference was [C|CXX]FLAGS in the make.conf. Seems simple enough...


But I also noticed that a Pure64 variant of the bulldozer stage 3 was availble. I cannot forsee any use of a 32bits in my future and putting a stop to 32bit stuff seems ideal to me. I have a hex-core Bulldozer and cpu cycles to burn. Must try...


Having already "borked" my system twice and fixed both times without having to re-install, I'm game for an update.

A review of the diff I made between generic x86_64 and Pure64 stage3's suggest the manual changes need to be completed:

- edit /etc/ld.so.conf and remove references to - /lib32,/usr/lib32,/usr/local/lib32

- edit /etc/portage/make.conf: [C|CXX]FLAGS - "-mtune=generic -O2 -pipe" -> "-march=bdver1 -O2 -pipe"

- eselect profile: change "x86-64bit" -> "pure64"

- re-emerge world (-e flag)

- reboot

- manually remove lib32 folders if not already gone.


I think that's it...

If you don't see me here in awhile you know what happend... ;)

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It can be done...


A couple of things to note:

- there is no method to alter the eselect arch profile on the command line. You have to edit /etc/portage/make.profile/parent manually. Make sense, sort of. Not something to be changed lightly.

- only had to remove /usr/local/lib32 folder (and it was empty). All others were removed with re-emerging.

- /etc/ld/so.conf was re-generated so commenting out lib32 probably not necessary.

- grub-install and boot-update reported success but I had to pull out SystemRescueCD and chroot in to redo grub-install/boot-update in order to boot. (grub-2.02_beta2-r3,boot-update-1.7.1)


So, it works!

Summming up updating generic x86_64 to pure64:

- make sure your system is up to date.

- change your profile (manually edit /etc/portage/make.profile/parent )

- change your make flags (edit /etc/portage/make.conf )

- re-emerge world (emerge -e @world )

- ensure boot loader is set

- perl-cleaner --all (not a requirement - but just to be thorough)

- re-establish file link: ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/[your time zone] /etc/localzone


if going from generic x86_64 to Bulldozer, do all of the above except change the profile.

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