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My laptop, it's AMD APU, and epro...




Funtoo 1.4 has added several new mix-ins for graphics drivers (Hooray for hardware support!) but I am not sure which to choose for my laptop.  It has an AMD 6310 APU (Puma 2014) and according to lspci it has a Radeon R4 graphic controller.  I am thinking that I need the to choose the gfxcard-radeon mix-in. The reference and links from https://www.funtoo.org/Make.conf/VIDEO_CARDS/Mix-ins seem to support this, but I am plagued with self doubt and I decided to ask here just to make sure.

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In general, if one graphics profile doesn't work, then try another.  By "not work", typical symptoms of missing graphics drivers are software fallback rendering (very slow), the GNOME "Oops something went wrong" sad computer face, and other failure modes where desktop environments will not start.

If you are concerned, you should be able to enable several generations of AMD/Radeon profiles at the same time.  For instance, I have a BARTS card in this machine I am typing on, but at some point I hope to swap that with a Bonaire (couple generations later).  Enabling both gfxcard-radeon (for the older card) and gfxcard-amdgpu (for the newer card) could be a transitional step.

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