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Funtoo emblem for stickers and websites

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Greeting everyone. I was thinking, most of distros' (and Meta-distros') users can identify each other by a logo or emblem, lets say as a sticker or a website badge, for example, as I used Debian, I have this badge on my website and blog ==> http://pingvinashen.am/debian-user.png


Now, what if we come with a Funtoo (temporary ?) logo/emblem/anything, where we can find users and make stickers for laptops (and cars :D) ? any ideas ?


I was thinking with a sentence "Use the source Luke!", or hackers emblem with C code instead of dots.


P.S. new here, waiting for cool ideas, love the community!

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There is always the standard Funtoo Logo ... (although this one has some slight changes from the standard - looks better on dark backgrounds, more shadows, fixed spelling of 'powered').  I'd put it on my laptop.  I could put it next to my Tux "Linux Inside" computer case emblem.




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