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media-libs/mesa EGL includes



While emerging mesa it fails to install /usr/include/EGL/*.h, KHR/*.h and others...

Hm. I've got a concern about quality of Funtoo. Way too many bugs discovered in too short time to my taste.

would be Gentoo on pair with that - ebuilds are mainly copied to Funtoo or there is some one who modify them?

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OK. Seems like there is a separate package for that to overcome circular dependencies, but why that one is not included as makdep to build other packages...

Added info:

I am using 1.4

Some packages depend on mesa. And it's not enough to have just mesa while headers are not included.

In general it looks like looking for  troubles instead of solving anything.

headers of the same package cannot create a circular dependency with that package - it's trivial.

Is drobins aware of that?



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