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eselect-php ebuild



Putting my sever setup together (move from debian -> funtoo) I faced the issue of installing php5. I found enough docs to walk me through issues/pitfalls to get going.


However, when I emerged dev-libs/php5 I got something unexpected back. emerge complained about the dependencies built into the app-admin/eselect-php ebuild (ver 0.7.1-r3). It seems that the version of php available was "too new". The available php version was 5.5.19 but eselect-php had a hard dependency of "!<dev-lang/php-5.5.0_beta1-r2". Well, that seems silly.


So I followed the steps for making a Local Overlay , copied the ebuild, updated the slot numbers to the latest available for php 5.3,5.4 and 5.5. I also added the files referenced by the ebuild. I did the emerge of php and got everything working. Yulp!!!! Touchdown!!! :D


This whole process of making local overlays to correct 'perceived' upstream oversights is disconcerting. It seems to me rather deceptively easy to just overwrite version dependencies. Please tell me there's more too this.


During the search for a workaround to the eselect-php ebuild, I stumbled on the exact same issue ( FL-469 ) from March 2013. This gives me the impression that hard coding the version dependencies into ebuilds creates a "whack-a-mole" situation where updating dependency info in ebuilds is a constant necessity. What's the best way to fix/update/help?



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