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Corsair liquid coolers

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I have two Corsair coolers, an H110i and H115i PRO.

I was thinking that my H110i was on the way out because it makes so much noise so I got an H115i PRO. As I read on the net, this one may just be just as loud.

Apparently you need to run some windows software to run this. Is it possible to run this from Virtual Box?

Better yet, is there some software for Linux that I can install?


I used to have a few systems on my linux computer, gentoo, funtoo, fedora, SuSE, Arch Linux, Mint, Ubuntu and Debian.

Now I only have Funtoo and use the space on the other hard disks for video and my embedded Linux stuff. Every time I create a yocto tree, it takes an awful lot of space.

I have OS/2, e-comstation and windows 10 installed with VirtualBox.  I rarely ever use windows, when I need to do graphics or CAD, the Mac is a better choice.

The only reason I have windows is when I need to do some work with Cypress, they do not support the MAC or Linux, only windows. They are afraid to be copied by TI which seems to be working on similar stuff.




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