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Don't Do This!



Well, I decided that after changing various flags and upgrading my C compiler, I would go ahead and recompile my whole system to make sure that everything compiled cleanly and to make sure there would be no breakage in the future.


I started with an emerge gcc to get the new compiler.  Then I did emerge -e @system to recompile all of the system-level stuff with the new compiler.  Good so far.


Next I went to do -e @world, but to make sure it wouldn't do @system again, I decided to just quickpkg @system and then let emerge install from those packages if it hit a dependency.  Sounds logical right?


Little did I know that quickpkg has a default setting that does not save configuration files.  It stores blank ones with a note.  Then when world installed them ... well, it wiped out a lot of my /etc files.  YIKES!


And to make it worse, I figured I could rescue the vast majority of them by pulling the originals from the old stage3 and let it overwrite my new blank ones ... which broke all sorts of stuff because /etc/ld.so.conf was pointing to the wrong gcc libs because I had just upgraded it.  *sigh*  I'm still not 100% sure my carefully tweaked make.conf is right, but it should be close (I had a fairly recent backup).


So .. don't do that!  

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