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emerge --sync using rsync instead of git




I've added funtoo's portage (version 2.2.10) to a custom embedded distro at my place of work. I'm planning on setting up my own ports tree in Git and my own distfiles of binary packages. Our packages are built by a seperate build system, Timesys, which outputs binary archives and a rootfs(basically a stage 3 tarball). I have a start to the ports tree in Git and I wanted to test it on my distro.




I've added the Git repo to SYNC in '/etc/portage/make.conf'. When I run 'emerge --sync' for the first time I thought Portage would perform a git clone but instead it appears to try to use rsync, which is not installed.


Here is the output:

# emerge --sync
>>> Synchronization of repository 'gentoo' located in '/usr/portage'...
!!! /usr/bin/rsync does not exist, so rsync support is disabled.
!!! Type "emerge net-misc/rsync" to enable rsync support.

Is there another variable that I should have set? Is there a configuration setting I should have set to make emerge --sync use Git instead of rsync?


/etc/portage/make.conf (site and path censored)

# cat /etc/portage/make.conf
CFLAGS="-mtune=armv7l -02 -pipe"
CXXFLAGS="-mtune=armv7l -02 -pipe"



Using that URI I am able to perform a git clone myself.


Also, is there any documentation covering what I'm trying to do? (Add portage to a new distro) Google searches have not turned up anything useful.





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