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Fun things to do with Funtoo Containers

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What are your favorite things to do with Funtoo containers? (Or just servers!)


Some fun ideas:

  • OpenVPN server - Host your own private LAN, invite your friends, play LAN games over the WAN.
  • SSH access on your phone - Yes, Funtoo-on-the-go!
  • Datastore - Remote cloud backups, ahoy! (rsync is good for this)
  • Headless Browser automation - Use something like http://casperjs.org/ to automate a headless browser and scrape web pages.
  • Host an IRC server - Yes!



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On my Funtoo servers I have an IRC server, Minecraft server, self hosted blog (I don't like Wordpress xD), and XMPP. That's usually what I do with my stuff. Set up different things to learn more and of course for fun stuff. 

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