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games-emulation/retroarch Couldn't download 'fbalpha-libretro


>>> Downloading 'https://fastpull-us.funtoo.org/distfiles/fbalpha-libretro-1.0_pre20171123.tar.gz'
--2018-12-14 20:09:14--  https://fastpull-us.funtoo.org/distfiles/fbalpha-libretro-1.0_pre20171123.tar.gz
Resolving fastpull-us.funtoo.org...
Connecting to fastpull-us.funtoo.org||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
2018-12-14 20:09:15 ERROR 404: Not Found.

!!! Couldn't download 'fbalpha-libretro-1.0_pre20171123.tar.gz'. Aborting.
 * Fetch failed for 'games-emulation/fbalpha-libretro-1.0_pre20171123', Log file:
 *  '/var/tmp/portage/games-emulation/fbalpha-libretro-1.0_pre20171123/temp/build.log'

>>> Failed to emerge games-emulation/fbalpha-libretro-1.0_pre20171123, Log file:

>>>  '/var/tmp/portage/games-emulation/fbalpha-libretro-1.0_pre20171123/temp/build.log'

 * Messages for package games-emulation/prosystem-libretro-1.0_pre20171108:

 * You need to have the following files in your 'system_directory' folder:
 * ProSystem.dat (Atari 7800 Database)
 * 7800 BIOS (U).rom (Atari 7800 BIOS)

 * Messages for package games-emulation/handy-libretro-1.0_pre20171024:

 * You should put the following optional files in your 'system_directory' folder:
 * lynxboot.img (Lynx Boot Image)

 * Messages for package games-emulation/bsnes-libretro-1.0_pre20171024:

 * You should put the following optional files in your 'system_directory' folder:
 * dsp1.data.rom (DSP1 DATA)
 * dsp1.program.rom (DSP1 PROGRAM)
 * dsp1b.data.rom (DSP1B DATA)
 * dsp1b.program.rom (DSP1B PROGRAM)
 * dsp2.data.rom (DSP2 DATA)
 * dsp2.program.rom (DSP2 PROGRAM)
 * dsp3.data.rom (DSP3 DATA)
 * dsp3.program.rom (DSP3 PROGRAM)
 * dsp4.data.rom (DSP4 DATA)
 * dsp4.program.rom (DSP4 PROGRAM)
 * cx4.data.rom (Cx4 DATA)
 * st010.data.rom (ST-0010 DATA)
 * st010.program.rom (ST-0010 PROGRAM)
 * st011.program.rom (ST-0011 PROGRAM)
 * st018.program.rom (ST-0018 PROGRAM)
 * sgb.boot.rom (SGB BOOT)
 * Some games affected:
 * DSP1/DSP1B games: Super Mario Kart / Pilotwings
 * DSP2 games: Dungeon Master
 * DSP3 games: SD Gundam GX
 * DSP4 games: Top Gear 3000
 * Cx4 games: Mega Man X2 / Mega Man X3

 * Messages for package games-emulation/nxengine-libretro-1.0_pre20171126:

 * To play a game, like Cave Story, put the gamefiles
 * to your rgui_browser_directory and select the executable as game

 * Messages for package games-emulation/4do-libretro-1.0_pre20171024:

 * You need to have the following file in your 'system_directory' folder:
 * panafz10.bin (Panasonic FZ-10 BIOS)

 * Messages for package games-emulation/prboom-libretro-1.0_pre20171024:

 * You need to copy the "prboom.wad" file from "/usr/share/libretro/prboom_libretro/"
 * into the retroarch "rgui_browser_directory" folder of your user.
 * $ cp -r /usr/share/libretro/prboom_libretro/prboom.wad ~/

 * Messages for package games-emulation/mednafen-pce-fast-libretro-1.0_pre20171024:

 * You need to have the following files in your 'system_directory' folder:
 * syscard3.pce (PCE-CD BIOS)

 * Messages for package games-emulation/fbalpha-libretro-1.0_pre20171123:

 * Fetch failed for 'games-emulation/fbalpha-libretro-1.0_pre20171123', Log file:
 *  '/var/tmp/portage/games-emulation/fbalpha-libretro-1.0_pre20171123/temp/build.log'

 * GNU info directory index is up-to-date.
funtoo /home/morpheus # eix  games-emulation/fbalpha-libretro
* games-emulation/fbalpha-libretro [1]
     Available versions:  1.0_pre20170927^p (~)1.0_pre20171123^p **9999-r2 {custom-cflags debug}
     Homepage:            https://github.com/libretro/fbalpha
     Description:         Port of Final Burn Alpha to Libretro

[1] "abendbrot" /var/lib/layman/abendbrot
funtoo /home/morpheus #

Waiting for this program to enter sooner or later in portage 
I ask your help to solve the problem if this is possible.



Have a good day.


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