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Using latest PROJ from its source and some generic questions on build logs



I want to try out a recent version of the proj.4 (or simply PROJ) library, which supports for the Bertin 1953 projection. I was advised [0] to recompile only PROJ.

Trying to find the build logs of `sci-libs/gdal` but the only related entries I found under  `/var/log/portage/elog/summary.log` which are entries of failed build attempts. While the `gdal` package was still installed, however, there was no build log under `/var/log/portage/build/sci-libs/`. Perhaps it was so because I tried to clean my system recently, i.e. using `eclean-dist` commands. Here what I found, from past failed attempts:

           environment, line 2771:  Called econf '--includedir=/usr/include/gdal' '--disable-static' '--e
nable-shared' '--with-expat' '--with-geotiff' '--with-grib' '--with-libtiff' '--with-libz=/usr/' '--with-o
gr' '--without-bsb' '--without-dods-root' '--without-dwgdirect' '--without-epsilon' '--without-fme' '--wit
hout-grass' '--without-hdf4' '--without-idb' '--without-ingres' '--without-jp2mrsid' '--without-kakadu' '-
-without-libtool' '--without-mrsid' '--without-msg' '--without-oci' '--without-pcraster' '--without-podofo
' '--without-sde' '--disable-debug' '--without-armadillo' '--with-pam' '--with-curl' '--without-ecw' '--wi
thout-cfitsio' '--with-geos' '--with-gif' '--with-xerces' '--with-hdf5' '--with-pcidsk' '--with-jpeg' '--w
ith-jasper' '--with-mysql=/usr/bin/mysql_config' '--with-netcdf' '--without-odbc' '--with-ogdi=/usr' '--wi
th-opencl' '--with-poppler' '--without-perl' '--with-png' '--with-pg' '--with-python' '--with-spatialite'
'--with-sqlite3=/usr' '--without-threads' '--with-freexl' '--with-java=/opt/oracle-jre-bin-' '--w
ith-mdb' 'LIBS=-lsqlite3'

Related to what I am trying to get, the only piece of text in the above lines is the `'--disable-static`'.

To proceed, anyhow, I removed PROJ that was installed via portage, and compiled it manually from source, as per the instructions at github.com/OSGeo/proj.4. What remains to do, is to "tell" GDAL to use this version of PROJ. Which I guess will happen automagically if there if any libproj.so is found (in `LD_LIBRARY_PATH`?) or via this option https://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/wiki/ConfigOptions#PROJSO.

If I re-emerge gdal, there is now a large build log (~9MB).


  • How can I find the configuration of any built package that is currently installed?
  • Is everything only under `/var/log/portage/build/`?
  • Do build logs get erased after using `eclean-dist` commands?
  • Are there notes on how to handle situations that involve updating the `LD_LIBRARY_PATH` environment variable?


[0] [gdal-dev] The "Bertin 1953" projection

[1] Some post in the referenced thread [0]


Thanks for any hints.

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